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A dwarf was drinking in a bar, when a sexy blonde walked up to him and said "Ive always wanted to have sex with a little person"
The dwarf replied "Im sorry, but Ive had women say that before, then I go home with them and the husband or boyfriend finds out and I get beaten up" "Its ok" said the woman, "my husband is working away until next week" So, against his better judgement he goes back with the woman. They start having amazing sex, when suddenly the front door opens. "Fk its my husband!!" she said. "Quick, hang out of the bedroom window and when he goes for a shower, you can climb in and get away" So the dwarf climbs out of the window and hangs on the ledge by his fingertips. The husband comes in the bedroom, says "Its cold in here" slams the window shut and the dwarf plummets to the ground. The woman is distraught and calls an ambulance. A couple of days later she goes to visit the dwarf in hospital. "How are you" she asked. "Well, my fingers are broken, Ive got two broken ankles, a dislocated hip and severe concussion" he said. "Oh dear" she said. "Still, it could have been much worse", "Much worse!?" said the dwarf. "How do you figure that out?" . "Well" she said, "youre lucky that I live in a bungalow".

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