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Data dodania: 4/8/2021, 3:03:04 PM
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Dwie nowe partie w bułgarskim parlamencie:

- Borissov’s coalition (GERB-SDS) came out on top, but with only 23.78% of the votes. For comparison, in the 2017 elections, GERB won 33% of the vote.
- “There is such a people”, a new force led by TV showman Slavi Trifonov, with 19.03%.
- The Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP) finished third with a disappointing 14.85%, after having bragged publicly in recent days that they would win the election.
- Democratic Bulgaria with 11.05%, a centre-right opposition force hostile to Borissov.
- Mainly ethnic Turkish Movement of Rights and Freedoms (DPS) with 8.92%.
- “Stand up, Mafia out”, a new centre-left force, with 5.2%.

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